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The Center for Corporate and Professional Education

Civility: Building a Respectful Workplace

Crash Course in Human Resource Management for HR Professionals (WPG492-66)


with Monet Viens

Calendar Jan 26, 2021 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This course has been developed for new HR professionals and supervisors and managers with HR responsibilities.

Learn the many diverse components of successful Human Resources management, from legal hassles to interpersonal disputes and benefits to compensation issues. Topics include:

  • HR Law update 2020-2021
  • How to clearly communicate employee benefits
  • How to identify and prevent workplace harassment including sexual harassment
  • HR electronic record keeping
  • Effective interviews to hire the right people

This course is offered in a remote learning capacity. Zoom guidance and instructions will be provided prior to the first session. 

At Your Service: Skills Training for the Modern-Day Customer Service Professional (WGB457-66)

Calendar Mar 1, 2021 at 4 pm, runs for 5 weeks

This course is designed for the person who is client focused and wants to excel in the service they provide. In the past, customer service was not viewed as a valuable skill or an asset that can really impact a company’s success. In our modern world living with new limitations, skilled Customer Service Professionals are not only in demand, but an ESSENTIAL part of our society.

As important as our first-responders, educators, and other skilled workers; Customer Service Professionals make up the front line workforce. This course is designed to teach todays’ worker skills to provide superior customer service. As Zappo’s founder Tony Hsieh said: "Customer service shouldn't just be a department; it should be the entire company." That applies to employees, from the president to the entry level worker.


  • An understanding of what customer service involves
  • A knowledge of customer service culture
  • Basic customer communication skills
  • Knowledge of customer service and behavior
  • Skills for handling customer problems
  • Skills for managing personal stress and time while serving customers
  • Skills to enhance customer relationships
  • The importance of customer service in a customer-oriented business or organization
  • Analyze the attributes necessary to provide excellent customer service
  • Assess customer needs and effectively utilize good customer service skills to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Apply effective communication skills in a customer service setting
  • Recognize and describe how to deal with difficult customers
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various customer service techniques

This is an online program with two scheduled launch and wrap up sessions via Zoom. Zoom guidance and instructions will be provided in advance of the first session. 

Senior Leadership Strategies in Today's Workplace (WPG369-64)


with Rich Weissman

Calendar Apr 6, 2021 at 9 am, runs for 4 weeks

Employer Grant Funds Available! If you would like to find out if your employer is eligible to send their employees at no-cost (highly likely), contact Danielle Dupuis, Program Coordinator, at prior to registering for this program. 

Today's complex business environment calls for a new approach to leadership. Although traditional roles are still woven into the way people work, leaders must now think as a visionary, coach and catalyst. 

This 24-hour intensive program will provide leaders and executives with the practical skills needed to enhance their leadership style and provide participants with insights into their own problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, teamwork, and communication skills.

The Senior Leadership Program will focus on the following core topics:

  • Define strategic leadership mindset and its benefits and difficulties, understand the difference between an operational and strategic mindset, and understand your own organization’s culture, identifying gaps and learning strategies to narrow those gaps.
  • Understand the stages of change and transition using the William Bridges and Fischer models, learn the different types of plans required to implement change, and apply the change and planning models to a current or upcoming change in your organization.
  • Review the four DISC styles and how they affect communication, learn the differences in generational mindsets and the impact on communication, and apply DISC and generational mindsets to practical situations.
  • Understand the importance of negotiation and conflict management, learn the steps of effective negotiation, and learn how to develop negotiation and conflict management skills in your staff.
  • Learn how an engaged multigenerational workforce affects your attraction and retention strategy, learn the succession planning process, and apply attraction and succession planning strategies to your organization.

This course is offered in a remote learning capacity. Zoom guidance and instructions will be provided prior to the start of the course. 

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